Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials from Clients

Hear What Clients Are Saying About Teaching Totem!

"My daughter, Giuliana, started working with Lynne at the Teaching Totem as a preschool student. I was looking for someone to help her get a head start on her reading, before she started kindergarten. After just 6, one hour, sessions with Lynne, Giuliana was reading sentences. After one semester her test scores increased by 50%. Not only has Lynne been an amazing educator, she has been a positive, loving, mentor to my daughter. My husband and I are blessed to have Lynne as part of her life. The Teaching Totem is a calm, nurturing environment where every detail is designed to bring the best out of your child. I have recommended Lynne to numerous friends and they are all extremely grateful. Those of us who have been lucky enough to be a part of the Teaching Totem, know that the influence Lynne has been in our child's life is priceless."

-Sara Acioli

"Many thanks to Lynne Crowley @ The Teaching Totem for the current treatment I am receiving. Over the summer I injured my neck which caused shooting pain down my right arm, back shoulder pain, and my right hand felt like it had needles in it. It became extremely painful to drive, do house-hold chores, and type on my computer at work. I spent the next 3 months getting treatment from a chiropractor, a nerve conduction test, a neck x-ray, and an upper MRI. I even went to a surgeon who prescribed medications which would have strong side effects. Not wanting to take the meds, I spoke to Lynne regarding an alternative solution. She recommended sound therapy on my neck. I started right away and felt positive results within days. Lynne has been working with me so well that my pain is almost completely gone. It is no longer painful to drive to work and type on the computer at the office. I would highly recommend Lynne @ The Teaching Totem as a solution to neck pain."

-Robin L.

"My daughter, Mackenzie, was having difficulties with attention and impulsivity issues during her regular school day. Over a two year period, Lynne worked with my daughter 2 days a week after school, utilizing the iLs program as well as other techniques that produced remarkable results. Through Lynne's constant involvement, Mackenzie is now excelling and at the top of her class having been taught self- regulating techniques to help her with her issues. Lynne was extremely capable of recognizing my daughter's potential as well as her weaknesses, teaching her skills that helped her to excel in her class work at her school. Lynne is the perfect blend of strictness and kindness. Her ability to connect with her students is truly superior. She provided me with constant feedback and communication on the progress made each session and I will be forever grateful for her help and guidance. I am confident that Lynne's dedication and care for all of her students will be a great asset in any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions."

-C. Dawn Wadsworth

"I have a daughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and another daughter who is in gifted program and both girls worked with Lynne for the past few years. Lynne understands their unique needs and provides guidance in very engaging way to our girls. Lynne helped with my daughters' reading comprehensions and writing and it is so wonderful to see my girls gain confidence in these areas. I love her holistic approach to teaching and at the same time her versatile use of technologies, such as iPad and iLS.

Lynne is passionate about the kids and teaching. Her Teaching Totem is a very warm and a comfortable learning space for any children. Whether your child is struggling with specific learning difficulties or too bored at school, Lynne will give your child individualized lessons and attentions which no school environment cannot provide. I highly recommend Lynne as your child's (and your) teacher and mentor."


"In the spring, my son started ILS therapy with Lynne for his sensory processing issues and recall issues. Upon meeting her, I was immediately comforted by her wonderful personality and felt very confident in her understanding of his needs. In just a few weeks, we started to see differences and improvements! She was in constant communication with us and was always trying different ways to engage him and encourage results. By summer we saw incredible results in both his sensory areas and his recall issues.

Now, 10 months later, our son has learned to handle many of his sensory issues with the ILS therapy Lynne has provided. With Lynne's support and communication with OCPS, our son with placed in the gifted program and that has offered him a challenge he has embraced. As the school year has progressed, he is coming home with straight A's and a HUGE sense of pride in his reading abilities with his recall issues. In class, he now uses many of the skills Lynne has taught him and it has helped his reading recall and comprehension immensely. Lynne's enthusiasm and passion for her work shines in her interaction with the children she works with. She has achieved results with our son when no one else could! She is now working with our younger son and already we have seen improvements. Lynne has been a gift to our family that we are forever grateful!"


"With her passion and unique approach to teaching, just after 2 months this summer, my 2 kids were ready to start and attend school... knowing that they didn't speak English before starting working with Lynne. They loved her interacting techniques with a lot of activities that looked like games but are teaching lessons; they then felt at ease and gained confidence with their new language and for us as parents could see the progress very rapidly. Thanks again for your dedication and passion to teach."

-Pierre de Fabrique